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4 important reasons you need a visual Timeline for your precious newborn

The newborn phase is full of wonder, delight and yes, overwhelming feelings.

But amidst the daily chaos, we want to savour our baby’s every significant moment because

they are only so little for a short time. Unfortunately, taking photos and videos of these events doesn’t usually do justice to properly display and share them.

With Momatu’s interactive and visual Timeline, viewing and sharing your baby’s significant moments is now simpler and more meaningful. Here are 4 important reasons you need your own Timeline for your newborn that will give you joy and peace of mind for years to come. 1. Beautiful layout to relive every milestone Momatu is the only media-sharing app with a powerful Timeline to capture and eternalise all the moments that matter to you.

As a young mum myself, I’ve watched in awe at my baby’s first feed, first bath, first involuntary smile… First everything!

We’ll quickly snap a photo or video to share these events but when it comes to pinpointing the specific media and time, we have to sort through the disarray of our phone's album and navigate multiple apps or steps to share them.

All that doesn’t bode well when you haven’t slept in days!

Momatu's Timeline clears the clutter by organising our important photos or videos (Moments) that happened on specific dates and sharing them in one app.

The layout is beautiful and tidy. It makes you want to continuously scroll through your child’s timeline because you feel like you're reliving each moment as if it was happening again.

The Timeline layout is beautiful yet tidy
We get to share and experience that warm feeling of love and joy that fills our hearts every time we scroll through our Timeline - these are unforgettable emotions that will stay with us forever, even when our child has grown up.

2. Safe and secure for peace of mind

Sharing our baby’s photos and videos on a gallery platform gives us parents so much joy and satisfaction. However, if you’re like me, there’s always a niggling feeling that someone, somewhere is using my child’s photos and videos for commercial gains.

If we post photos of our kids on Facebook or Instagram, we’re vulnerable to data

breaches from hackers and bad actors. Even private messaging apps like Whatsapp

have been scrutinised for its controversial privacy policies that directly affect us.

With Momatu, your media is protected and stored safely within your private space

without ads. As a parent, I’m relieved and assured that photos and videos of my

son will never be shared elsewhere, except in my Timeline and Memories.

3. Your own timeline for timeless sharing

While most baby photo and video sharing apps focus only on babies, Momatu’s Timeline grows and evolves with your child.

Not only will you capture and store milestones of your newborn, but you’ll want to start collecting more exciting memories as they grow into toddlers, pre-schoolers and right up to highschool.. (Yes, I'm a cool mum).

When your child is older, you can invite them to contribute to their timeline. It gives both of you a sense of ownership and pride to see how they’ve grown and developed throughout the years.

Inviting your older child to contribute to their timeline gives both of you a sense of ownership and pride to see how they’ve grown and developed throughout the years.

Also, it is always a pleasure sharing memories with your loved ones. Everyone who reacts and comments on memories on the Timeline will be stored and saved in Momatu forever.

In years to come, you and your family can look back at these reactions and share the joy and excitement as if they just happened yesterday.

4. Easy to use even for grandma and grandpa!

Not only is the timeline layout beautiful and clean,

but you’re in total control of how you want to customise, organise and sort your memories.

For example, when you want to find when bub took her first steps, just scroll from the most recent moment (top of your timeline) to the month and year when it happened.

Momatu’s has a simple and intuitive interface because it was made for multi-generational families from all backgrounds. So even grandma, grandpa and those who are not as technologically confident will love using it.

The ultimate gift of this timeline is its ease of use.

Families will feel happy and gratified when they can instantly connect and come together with photos and videos all in one app.


Momatu is more than just a media sharing app. We created it to connect loved ones and build a real Family Legacy of memories for years to come.

Your family may have missed the birth of your child and other milestones along the way. While we can’t regain lost time, Momatu’s Timeline will make the best of the present and future for you to treasure.

Try Momatu Free for 30 Days. Visit for more info

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