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Bring life and more customers to your business

Get ahead and stand out with an impactful marketing strategy with content that will WOW your customers in this crowded marketplace.

Taking it off your hands

Taking care of your entire

marketing and branding campaign:

From ideation - planning - execution - completion and analysis.  

See your ideas transform

Deep dive into the essence of your message and develop it into a rich content mix of copy, visuals, videos and media opportunities to make your brand stand out.

Become a thriving business

Attract your audience with unique and engaging marketing communications that truly
connects with them.

featured WORK
Create your successful Marketing Campaigns with engaging Copy, Visuals, Videos and PR initiatives aligned with your brand.

What can i help you with?

there are many ways to Tell your brand story
Market your business to your audience in a way that speaks to their hearts and minds. 
Whether as an employee or contractor, I will apply Design Thinking to your marketing campaign and content with your unique brand voice. You'll stand out as the trusted expert in your industry.

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I'll be your personal marketing agency:

Going the extra mile to take care of your marketing and branding needs

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Pravar Group, Melbourne

Integrated Compliance Solutions, Melbourne

Make Your Story Your Success!


Natasha Eger, Director of Hairprint Asia

"Karina's biggest asset is her creativity.  She is able to make the mundane interesting.  Karina has helped us to plan a sharp marketing campaign and also create all the content that supports it. She has a professional attitude and is a pleasure to work with."


Lawrence Yau, Director of Bluehands (Branding & Marketing)

"I've worked with a few copywriters over the years, but Karina is one of the rare ones who has provided a level of service that's beyond mere professionalism. She does not only have the patience to listen, understand, feel, and retell the story of my clients, but also willing to take in a different angle of thinking and incorporate into the copy.  I'd recommend her to anyone!"

Heather LI profile image.jpg

Heather Beniefelt, Director and Founder of ICS Consulting

"She presents creative ideas and content that comes alive in quick turnaround time. Karina has a talent for putting fun and spunkiness into the most dullest subjects.
Our social page and website has garnered more attention."

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